Video Series: Upper Neck Tension

Upper neck tension video

Neck tension or tension headaches? This is a common issue for people who commute to work and then work at a computer all day - developing a forward head posture that causes your neck muscles to tighten up. If I am not able to see my chiropractor right away, a lacrosse ball can be a…

Don’t get caught with the ‘I over did it’ syndrome this fall

health and wellness tips from Hands on Healing

There is no prettier sight than the colourful fall leaves in Lanark County. Soon enough though we will be raking and blowing those beautiful leaves off our lawns and preparing for the snowy winter ahead. Fall is a busy time of year at the chiropractic clinic. Low back and shoulder injuries from the fall yard…

Stress Relievers

A cup of tea - a good stress reliever

We’ve all experienced stress while trying to balance our personal and professional lives. Not having enough hours in the day to manage conflicting priorities causes us to go into overdrive, leading to stress. The best way to relieve stress is by managing stress – it’s important to your health. You can reduce stress by learning…