Is it getting harder to do the ‘easy’ things?

It’s not necessarily the symptoms that you have to deal with, it’s the fact that the things that you need, want or love to do are becoming harder for you.

Block iconPerhaps you have tried several times to change the direction of your health, only to find that your neck pain, back pain or headaches just return?

You know that you could take medicine to get rid of the pain, but you are conflicted with the realization that it is likely just masking the symptoms – and you don’t want to just ignore the problem.

You wonder if there is something that you could do to not only address the pain, but also provide a solution to the core problem.

You have reached a point where it’s time to try something different!

At the Hands On Healing Centre of Almonte, we are here for you:
we will honour YOUR GOALS,
CUSTOMIZE your care, and
work to get you RESULTS as quickly as possible.

Block iconTo start this process, you will set up a complimentary consultation where we can review your current health challenges, including how they are impacting your life, and what your goals are moving forward.

Block iconFrom here, we would move on to a comprehensive examination process to see if you have a core problem with your spine and nervous system that could be contributing to, if not causing your health challenges.

Block iconFinally, if we discover a core problem in your spine and nervous system using our objective tests, we will then create a plan customized to you that will not only help improve your symptoms, but will also help correct the underlying core problem.

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This is a SUPER place! Most chiropractors try to “get you on a program” or sell you all kinds of goods and services that you don’t need. This place is not like that at all! I think of them as an important part of my personal care team – they respect and support my own approach to my healthcare

Maureen Holt Dagg

An amazing team with Dr. John keeping my family healthy!

Renee Hamilton

Switched my family to this office after needing a new provider for chiropractic care and am thrilled with everything. I went in with some special requests and was able to take my time talking over what I felt I needed and was respected and never rushed. My 4 year old has been in excellent hands as well and is happy to go all the time.

Robin Vaughan

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    We are so excited to inform you that the government of Ontario and the College of Chiropractors of Ontario have given us the green light to RE-OPEN! Regular office hours have resumed as of June 1st, 2020. New patients welcome!

    NOTE: Please do NOT enter the office at any point without a confirmed appointment or prior to speaking to staff.

    Inherently, government protocols will dictate various changes in the office and while you will experience some changes during your visit, the quality of care and commitment to your health remain unchanged.

    Here are just a few of the things you can expect when returning to the office:

    • How people enter, move through the office and leave will be much more structured with the goal of providing a safe and healthy environment for the team and our practice members.
    • All practice members and new patients will receive standard screening questions prior to their appointment and upon arriving at the clinic.
    • Team members will be donning masks and a new acrylic shield has been installed at the reception desk for additional protection.

    We look forward to serving our community again & getting your health back on track!